Renata Duric

Renata Duric

Pre-Accredited Member of European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP) and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology


  • Individual integrative body psychotherapy sessions
  • Personal and professional experience in dealing with eating disorders
  • De-armouring sessions
  • Workshops and public lectures
    • Innerista toolbox: Self-regulation
    • Innerista toolbox: Radical moderation
    • Innerista toolbox: Self-acceptance
    • Innerista toolbox: Emotional freedom
    • Deep transformation: Emotional and binge eating
    • Deep transformation: Negative self-image
    • How to waste your life: Perfectionism and inner criticism
    • How to waste your life: Procrastination and self-sabotage

“I was one of those kids who grew up in a technically functional family. Years later I found myself living a technically functional life where externally I had everything most people usually want and yet I was completely miserable on the inside. My misery was kept secret for years and has manifested as a mix of eating disorders and a strong negative self-image. It was exhausting to live a double life, so I decided to find a way to live only one life – a good life.

“If your childhood experiences are really as important as psychologists say, how is it possible to get stuck so deeply while growing up in a seemingly pretty good environment?”, I was wondering at some point.

To discover what went wrong and to try to change my relationship with the food and myself I started seeing a Gestalt psychotherapist in my early twenties. I didn’t see the immediate results, but I felt that things were shifting and I liked that kind of support.

In my late twenties I felt ready to join The School for integrative personal development and therapy work at The Centre for Integrative Development in Zagreb, Croatia, a four-year training programme in integrative psychology, body psychotherapy and spirituality. Almost at the same time I’ve discovered a movement practice of 5Rhythms and haven’t stopped dancing ever since. The year 2012 will probably stay one of the most important years in my life. The following years spent in this intense training have shaped my new reality in which is much easier and more pleasant to simply be – me.   

Integrative approach based on the body psychotherapy allows for all aspects of human existence to get in balance and fully develop. You can start your personal development work at any level – physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual – because they are interconnected and eventually one change will initiate the next one until your whole being reaches the state of harmony.

More information about the training for integrative personal development and therapy work at The Centre for Integrative Development can be found on their website – here and here. The Centre for Integrative Development is a member of European Association for Body Psychotherapy.

In 2015 I’ve co-created a platform for personal development within The Association for Intentional Living (“Centar Svjesno življenje” in Croatian) in Zagreb, Croatia. Today all programmes in The Association for Intentional Living are coordinated by my dear colleague and friend Karolina Perišić and myself.

In 2017 I’ve moved to Dublin, Ireland and now I’m privileged to work with more diverse individuals who are dealing with everyday stress related disorders, lack of deeper connections in their personal relationships or culture shock after moving to a new cultural environment.

So far my group work was mostly focused on relationship with food, body and emotions. Positive body image, balanced eating habits, inner peace and feeling good in your own skin are possible no matter how stuck you are at the moment. Personal development for most people starts with getting unstuck, so pack your inner bags and become an innerista.”

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