How to start

There is no right or wrong way to start your inner work. It is happening in some form all the time, but usually our interest for more structured and guided work grows as we face uncomfortable experiences, personal crisis or loss.

If you’re more on the observer side and like to process things on your own, you are welcome to join public lectures and social media space.

Individual sessions are good option for more intense inner work.

Workshops are great way to meet others, make connections, exchange experiences and even realise that you’re not the only person on the planet dealing with a specific issue.

Whatever your preference might be, developing a daily ritual or personal practice will help you stay centred and more present during the day. Even the biggest insight will be forgotten unless it is put in practice because by doing so we’re allowing our brain to rewire itself and create a new way of processing our life experiences.

If you’re interested in the individual sessions, workshops or lectures or you have any questions you are welcome to get in touch.

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