"Life After Food" is a collection of insights and experiences to help you untangle and transform stubborn eating habits - even if it feels impossible.


  • FOOD – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
  • LOVE – What’s Love Got to Do With It?
  • BODY – Enemy and Ally
  • SOUL – From Licking Spoons to Healing Wounds

You’ll get 80+ pages of text with practical tips to create your own roadmap. And a few funny animals.

Covers topics like:

  • Why Is Chocolate So Comforting?
  • Mindful Binging
  • Why Do I “Feel Fat”?
  • Intuitive Eating Doesn’t Work for Me
  • I Simply Love Food, That’s Why I Eat a Lot
  • I Can’t Stop Counting Calories
  • My Body Image Concerns Are Taking Over My Whole Life
  • My Inner Critic Is Ruthless
  • My Inner Saboteur Destroys All My Plans
  • I Live in Constant Fear of Weight Gain
  • I Don’t Like Healthy Food
  • How to Erase Remaining Urges?
  • What About Social Media, Photoshopped Culture and Body Positivity?

Here is a direct link to the Gumroad page where you can get your copy, in case you can’t access it below.

A note on pricing and sharing

As I was writing “Life After Food” I realized that my main goals are to share what I’ve learned and to reach as many people as possible.

“Give as You Wish” option is here to make sure that literally anyone can read it. It’s not free because you will have to share your email to access it, but you are free to decide the rest.

What I would appreciate the most is you sharing a link to this web page (instead of sharing a PDF document which is your personal copy) with someone who could be interested. That way, they will be in a position to decide what kind of exchange to make, depending on what feels good at that moment.